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As we begin a new year, how does your (creator) influence your daily life? your resolutions? plans for the coming year?

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Happy New Year!

Thank you to all those who posted on our site this past year. If you have any thing to share or announce, let Bare Breath Moments help you get your message to others in Sacred Artistry.  May blessings be upon you in 2014 and beyond.

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Who do you say I AM?

Jesus asked his disciples, WHO DO YOU SAY THAT I AM?  Only Peter answered “You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God.” Was Jesus giving a pop quiz?  Maybe.   More to the point, why would He ask this?  Was He attempting to gain recognition from his nearest & dearest? I think he had another [...]

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Cross-Over Bands

Over the years many bands have crossed over from Christian Music to Popular Music.  Such examples include Sixpence None the Richer and Amy Grant. Do you believe these bands lose identity when they release a secular song? In other words, are they less likely to be taken seriously as Christian artists? Or do you believe it’s an opportunity to reach a broader [...]

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Is there a project, book, art, music or event you’re working on? Let Bare Breath Moments help you let others know!  

Every summer publishers send music directors a stack of new pieces to be reviewed, were they any that jumped out at you? Tell other directors why. Is there a piece you can’t find? Is there a text or topic you just cant find a musical setting for? Someone else might have found a setting you’re looking for. Maybe there’s a piece [...]

Have you been working on any new music or poetry, essays, books this summer? If you are looking for an outlet to let others hear your work, let Bare Breath Moments help you. We are a site dedicated to Sacred Artistry, so we can target your audience. Join others who have too.

As the spring nears, summer always seems to be quickly upon us. Some choose to give the choir the summer off to revitalize and enjoy the weather; especially or smaller choirs, this can be a struggle with members being gone for vacations. How do you prepare your choir for the summer break? Do you send them away with music to [...]

Is there a spiritual message in this song, does it convey a sacred message? There are some who believe that the Mumford and Sons hit “I Will Wait” is actually Jesus Christ forgiving and waiting for your arrival.  Do you believe that is the message of this song? The song is from 2013 Grammy winner Album of the [...]

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Jesus was often asked “where does one find the kingdom of heaven?”  He said “it is neither lo here, nor lo there.”  However, this is pretty much a Christian concept.  Other religions speak of an “inner realm.” Is the inner realm & the kingdom of heaven one in the same?  If the Kingdom is “not of this world,” [...]

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