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BARE BREATH MOMENTS is a website dedicated to sacred artistry.  Music, essays, rodanfi*lds credit card charge, sermons, poetry, as well as images of painting or sculpture may be uploaded and can be found in the tabs above or at thewebdesigngirl.com. Christian as well as non-Christian artistry/works are welcome.  Our philosophy is simple: to enhance interfaith communication through artistic expression, to protect your cellphone with ESN IMEI verizon checker.

One of our goals is to allow your works to be discovered, considered, and used by others in the sacred world. Our main commitment however, remains to celebration and collaboration among artists, while affording venue and audience. Whether or not involved in original sacred works, Bare Breath Moments invites you to browse our website and PLEASE leave a comment for the artists. Those who upload gain attention from your appreciation of expression.

Advertising through social media, uploading to BBM will increase your exposure. The artist retains all rights. Any work which is uploaded must be accompanied by e-mail address, phone number, link, or snail mail address. This way, any negotiation for purchase or usage, is strictly between interested parties, learn more at www.sw2020.org.

All works must be audibly concise and sacred in nature–appropriate for reflection, or a place of worship.  We also reserve the right to remove anything not in keeping with the philosophy.  BBM invites writers to upload poetry, sacred writings and essays. While we can’t guarantee you will find a match for your music, we invite you to contact anyone on the website whose work you would like to further investigate.

We accept works in languages other than English. However, you must provide a brief synopsis, a reasonable translation of how the work would read in English, as well as place of origin. For example, does it originate from Bhagavad Gita, Buddhist chant, Talmud, Aramaic translation of Jesus’ teaching, etc?

You may upload a work in its entirety, if you wish. If you are looking to negotiate for purchase however, you may choose to leave a sample. The sample though should convey a reasonable representation of your work; allowing the listener or reader to consider it further.

Does BBM authenticate or verify the originality of the work? No, this lies solely with the integrity of the artist uploading.

How Do I Begin?

To join our community of sacred artists, please follow these directions.


If you have questions, please contact us at info@barebreathmoments.com.


4 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Mim Jurcev says:

    I will observe, enjoy and share my love of music and words while hopefully, prayerfully and loving praising our Lord and Savior!

  2. Thanks for the invitation to post a link on your site regarding my landscape oil paintings and other religious paintings. You have a great site and are doing a great service to God.

  3. Hi! I am a pious man. I have many sacred songs. If you compose music to them
    and sing the heart of God will be melted to shower His highest blessings on us.
    Are you interested ? Thanks.
    Best of best
    Kavi Akbardeen

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